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About Hermanita's Rincon (sister's corner)

Welcome to our Venture!! We are a family site who enjoy crafting handmade novelties and recycling and reuseing. We have have jewlery, lighted bottles, journal/doodle book covers, and tote bags. Like us on FB Hermanita's Rincon

Metaphysical Fair 3/2013


DSCN6797DSCN6798DSCN6799Tammy showing off our Zafu (meditation pillows)DSCN6846DSCN6830DSCN6842DSCN6848DSCN6829DSCN6851DSCN6823DSCN6824DSCN6831DSCN6835DSCN6834DSCN6840class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-307″ />